We are at the most magical place on earth this week. But because we are logging 8-9 miles a day of walking/riding rides/having TONS of fun, I just do not have the energy to update the blog each night. I will leave you with this teaser. A fun family pic from Magic Kingdom.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7641544032 copy

It is the place that makes my husband so happy. A quick story…. I know, I know, now this is turning into an update. But a quick one. We made it back to Main Street around 2:20pm yesterday for the midday parade. Samantha spied with her little eye this favorite sign –


Woo hoo. Our happy place. We ran in for our afternoon fixes and back out for the parade. Rahul videotaped the entire parade… yes, the entire parade. With a big smile on his face.  At one point, another dad asked if I wanted a spot in front of him so that I could see better. I just pointed at Rahul and said he was the parade lover in our family. I was fine where I was with my coffee drink. He chuckled and said “we do what we do in a marriage.” That is so true folks.

So, off to bed for me (even before 9pm). Another busy day tomorrow. But updates for sure once we are back home. I also have an awesome new book I am listening to. Barefoot to Avalon. I cannot wait to review it here once I am done. A very addictive listen.


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