Wow. I have a lot to write about. We had an AMAZING vacation. But for starters, look what greeted us when we came home today.



Y’all, spring is here. My favorite time of year!

Now for one lesson learned from vacation. Early bird check in with Southwest is mandatory. It used to be an option, but we learned the hard way this morning that ya gotta do it. But last night after a long day (day 4 of theme park fun) I forgot to do the early bird check in. For folks not in the know, with Southwest you do not have a designated seat. Instead you are grouped into A B and C for seating. First come first served… except for the early birds. You can log on 24 hrs before your flight and get into those magical A or B groups. Today we were in group C, and literally the last 4 passengers on the plane. This meant we had to split up, which was doable with our kiddos and their ages, but poor Aidan got sandwiched in between 2 super fat strangers for an 1 and 40 mins. I am guessing this experience will prompt him to remind us to do early bird check in at our next vacation 🙂 Me? I sat next to a super chatty Indian woman who is also a psychiatrist. She showed me pictures of her grandchildren, we talked about medicine, psychiatry, ADHD, India, arranged marriages, health care…. I could keep going.

We are not good travelers for sure, but it is a necessary evil when you want to do fun things like Disney.

Good to be home and happy to have the weekend to recover from our travels.


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