Universal – day one

I have a love/hate relationship with Universal. They are not a part of the Disney parks, but older kids want to go here because they have awesome rides and Harry Potter. But the price gouging is just ridiculous. The park tickets at baseline are more expensive than Disney, and their Express Pass costs extra. The Express Pass allows you to bypass the line at a ride, so no waiting. At Disney, the Fast Pass is free, but you have to pick the 3 rides you want to use the FP for. At Universal you pay extra, and how much extra depends on how busy the park is going to be that day. For the 2 days that we were going to be there, the Express Pass fees were 89.99/ticket and 99.99/tickets. So $760 EXTRA along with the 2 day park passes. But, during spring break you simply have to pay the extra or you will be miserable.

Our first ride was the Harry Potter ride. We got to the park at 9am and waited only 30 mins to ride it. Then we spied The Dragon Challenge – a new roller coaster.


dragon challenge

Gulp. Speeds up to 6o mph. Aidan decided to pass. Samantha and I went first and got on the red dragon, only because that is where we ended up in line. We later learned that the blue dragon is scarier. Rahul rode both red and blue… crazy person!

Aidan’s favorite ride here is Ripsaw Falls. A water ride with a 75 foot drop. We all did it once. Rahul and the kids did it over and over and over…. until we were told that we had used all of our Express Pass options for the day on this ride. I got a pic of my 3 “kids” on this ride. Check it out.


Day two: 8hrs, 8.15 miles walked, 17,230 steps.


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