Universal – day two

This was our first time in Universal Studios, and we were excited to check it out. By this point in the week, Rahul and I were needing extra morning coffee once we got to the theme park.


Rahul found Jaws, Samantha found the Mystery Machine, and Aidan found the DeLorean from Back to the Future.




Then we had the difficult decision. To ride or not to ride Rip Ride Rock It. Here it is.


The drop is almost 15 stories high and speeds up to 65 mph. Double gulp. We all decided to do it. I almost backed out when I saw that there was only a lap belt to keep you in your seat. Really? No over the shoulder restraint? Rahul and Aidan sat in the front seat, Samantha and I were in row 2. Scariest 2+ mins of my life. But it was awesome!

Now for the fun part. You are videotaped during the ride. We found our seats and watched on the monitor. Rahul and Aidan’s video was hilarious. Samantha and I looked like we were about to die. Rahul snuck out his phone and got 10 secs of footage before getting busted. Oh, the videos are $35. I have been told if I share this video footage online that death and/or divorce will occur. But I swear I will watch it whenever I am feeling down. You cannot not watch without laughing.

An afternoon thunderstorm meant that we had to cut our day short and run into the NBC sports bar for snacks.

Day three: 7.5 hrs, 6miles, and 12,633 steps.


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