UNC campus visit

I took my mini me Tar Heel lover to the UNC  campus  for her first visit this morning. I used to take both kiddos to campus in the dreaded double stroller when they were little, but all they did was stuff their chubby little faces with snacks, so this was the first visit that she will actually remember.

Our first stop was my sorority house, Alpha Chi Omega. It looks exactly the same as it did in the 1990s. I shared stories of watching Melrose Place in the TV room, our Week in Review meals, and so much more.


Next up – Franklin Street to get some Tar Heel goodies.


Then to the beautiful campus.



Samantha wanted to go to The Pit to see the place where I had the most embarrassing moment of my life….sigh.


Here is the story. The first week of school at noon, I was heading to the Student Stores for textbooks. At this time of day, The Pit is packed with people hanging out and eating lunch. I saw a spot to cut through The Pit and squeezed by working my way to the Student Stores. But guess what? There are no steps on the side parts of The Pit, so I fell flat on my face in front of hundreds of people…. literally. I can still hear the smack of my hands on the bricks. Here is Samantha doing a reenactment.


But note that there is no one around to laugh at her.

For our final stop, not on campus, but a weekend tradition for undergrads, we headed to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. The best biscuits and sweet tea in the world!


Samantha loved the campus and has declared she definitely wants to go to school there, oh and live with us in the workshop in our back yard. Nothing would make me happier 🙂


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