food – a day in pictures

If I am going to be honest, I have not been consistently good about food for the past year. Lots of triggers, mostly sadness and stress. My mom died unexpectedly last spring, and then the stress of trying to get a small non profit up and running solo (with a budget not in the negative).

When I am stressed, I gravitate towards carbs (think bagels, potatoes). Then these foods make me feel sluggish. What a cycle. When I eat right, I feel better, so why is this so hard to do? Stress is an evil creature.

Today I tried some photo accountability. My meals in pics.

Breakfast – turkey bacon, string cheese, grapefruit. Water with lime juice.


Lunch – leftover chili from last night’s crock pot dinner. Lots of veggies, mix of meats, beans, spices.


Dinner – omelet with turkey sausage, cheese and spinach.


Spring is here, but I am not motivated to make changes because of swim suit season. I want to have more energy and feel more like myself.

So, here is to healthy, clean eating. This whole month of Friends TALK lessons are about this very topic. This means I need to practice what I preach.  Ready, set, go!



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