week in review

Week in review was what the cook called Friday lunches and dinners in college. Haha. A nice way of saying “this is all the leftovers from the previous week.”

Aidan had a super, busy weekend. Soccer game, kickball bday party, Bat Mitzvah and reception. The reception was no joke – a DJ, unlimited sodas, cotton candy.

I started the weekend with meeting a friend for coffee. After 2.5 hrs, Samantha started texting me asking me where I was. After 3 hrs, Rahul started texting me. Wow, we really needed to catch up, huh? Working with minimal adult interactions makes me crave talk time, especially with super awesome people.

Samantha took the Friends TALK lesson on making good food choices to heart. She now has her very own food journal.


She is trying to have all 5 food groups in each meal (protein, dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables).

Check out more meal photo accountability.

Salmon, salad, red potatoes.


Roasted chicken on the Big Green Egg and spinach orzo salad.


I honestly think that Samantha might be the key in making this healthy eating thing stick. Even Aidan is on board. Check out his reception party hat with his snack choices tonight.


Our blue bird family has been hard at work with their first brood of the season. Check out Mama bird on look out as dad went for food.DSC_3329

The pool is open, but I am still getting it ready. It always takes a week or so but it means summer is almost here!

Lots of things up in the air for me. For those who believe in a higher power, pray for some positive outcomes. We need it!


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