early bday gift…and a surprise

Samantha and I did the pick a pearl in Japan while visiting Epcot…. remember?

Check out what I was able to do with these pearls thanks to High Street Design. (They also did the Friends TALK logo).

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.25.59 PM

Both of our pearls are in the cage, connected by birds, stamped with the date that we got the pearls. I cannot think of a more meaningful gift.

I got it Thursday, and it was burning a hole in my work bag. But, I had to put on my hostess hat once I got home and put out a NC BBQ spread for some of Rahul’s college friends in town for his 20 yr reunion. Aidan was gone for a school overnight outing, so Samantha was the only one home. She tried to help supervise a bunch of little kids and was a bit frustrated (and over tired) by the end, and so I decided to give her this gift early. She teared up, said it was so special to her. Made me so happy.

More very meaningful gifts and activities to come later this month.

And now for the surprise….our first blue bird hatchling of the year. This makes my heart so happy.


Since this first brood is so early, we can expect anywhere between 2-3 more this season. Welcome new blue birds to Wild Azalea Lane. We are so happy you are here!


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