First spring camping trip

We headed to Carolina beach to camp as a part of Samantha’s bday celebrations. The beach weather was so-so, but anytime you can be at the beach is better than not being at the beach, right?

I am impressed with how well Rahul and I did with the camper. It usually takes us a few trips to get back in the groove. Check out just some of our stickers from various trips. We rarely see these because we keep the camper covered while not in use.


The birthday girl relaxing on the Intracoastal waterway.


We discovered a new flower – the Carolina Lupine. We took a cutting to see if we can grow it at home.


Now for a funny story. Last night we all fell into bed at sunset, except for our night owl Aidan. He stayed up playing with the fire embers and asked for a late night snack….sigh. His time of day to eat. I gave him the trail nut mix from the back of the car and locked it so no one would steal our new, super snazzy Yeti cooler. He came to bed around 11pm (I know this because someone was setting off fireworks that were keeping me awake). I was awake again at 4am hearing a crunch, crunch, crunch sound outside of the camper. It was a giant raccoon eating Aidan’s leftover trail mix. I went out to make sure the trash was secure and whispered to our campsite Rory to enjoy this treat from us. His crazy smile on the cover of Furiously Happy has helped so many people (including me).

Sunday morning we hiked the trails around the campground. Samantha calculated about 13,000 steps.

We saw tons of birds, but our favorite was actually spotted by Aidan. Check out this giant hawk. I think a broad winged hawk. He was breathtaking.



I still cannot believe these are iPhone pics!

Samantha checked out all the camp spots around us and decided that #51 is the one she wants to be her birthday campsite weekend tradition. (It is the closest to the bathroom and water). I love that she wants to celebrate with just us on her official special day.


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