the final and best bday celebration

This final celebration was possibly the best of them all for Samantha. My brother and Samuel came to visit this afternoon. Kids had to miss after school activities in both families, but I am proud that we carved out this time to hang out.

Lots of fun in the pool, of course.



And, my gluten free quiche (thanks to Agony of De-Wheat) was a HIT…. Samuel, a super picky eater had THIRDS! This was all that was left…


I am not a great cook, so this made my heart super happy.

Then the most amazing gift EVER…


My brother gave Samantha a taxidermied raccoon. She named it Rory and squealed with excitement. Her love of Furiously Happy makes our connection so much stronger, and also makes me furiously happy.

Samuel left with Samantha’s first Ukulele, and one of Aidan’s first Rubik’s cubes. I love that we can share interests and have these types of memories as a family.

So many laughs and good conversations. We are already planning the next visit so we can get BLTs from Merritt’s.

Sometimes I forget how important it is to share your life with your family… you know, the original members. The ones you grew up with in the unsupervised 80s.


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