Unofficially official


Still keeping the details under wraps, but I will be returning to the full time working world soon. I thought a lot today about the long road to get here. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, but I have been tested in many ways on this journey.

I left the full time working world in the spring of 2011 because of school district budget cuts. Click here for that story. I told myself I would take the summer to reflect and figure out what I wanted to do. Here are some things I tried:

  1. Adjunct teaching, both at night and weekend classes. Neither of those time slots worked very well for our family. Oh, and the pay? I could make more working as a barista at Starbucks. For the amount of work you do, it actually ends up being less than minimum wage. Plus the course offerings were always sporadic so I never knew  from semester to semester if I was going to be working or not.
  2. Teaching social skills at St Thomas More. Had a great meeting with an administrator in June of 2013, then a “thanks but no thanks” email a month later. Super strange since we had a great connection face to face.
  3. ADHD tutoring. This seemed like a really good option, but not one referral. I think the practice is small and that is why? Who knows. Just did not pan out.

Part of the difficulty in finding work was that I wanted to be able to continue doing Friends TALK, and the need for a flexible/work from home schedule.

We joke regularly at our house that I have mastered the non profit world. The money comes in and goes right back out, as it is supposed to in the non profit world. But with 2 kiddos in private school, we need some “for profit” income as well.

I will always be grateful for these 5 years. I was able to write, develop a non profit organization all by myself (not an easy feat), but I am looking forward to returning to the full time working world. I had WAY too much time on my hands last summer. Leaving me with unstructured time is just not a good idea. I am much better with a schedule and things to do.

We will have to make some adjustments in our family life, but the kids are both much older than they were the last time I was working full time, so I think with some structural supports and accountability, things will be fine. I will write more about what those supports and accountability will look like in a later post.

And, once things are “official” I will post about what I will be doing. It is an amazing job opportunity that is a great fit for me personally and professionally.


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