weekend updates and more

Samantha had her friend birthday get together on Friday (teacher workday, so no school). 3 girls + Starbucks + $20 = an afternoon of fun.

Rahul is helping us get fancy with coffee.


It is called Chemex, I think. Pour over coffee. I have to admit it tasted great, but my sweet husband could not make it fast enough for my need for caffeine brain 🙂

I had a nice Mother’s Day, but my heart was a bit heavy knowing it was the first without my mom. My amazing friend Courtney gave me this advice –

I know you’ve been able to reconcile a lot of the complex emotions related to your mother’s passing, but there is no guide for anticipating and marking these difficult times. For me, it has been important to let the wave of grief roll in and to try to sit with it and not push it away. It always rolls back out, and I feel better for having let it “wash over” me. I can’t articulate it all that well, but for me it feels like it somehow gives the good memories and the gratitude a little more room to grow. It may work differently for everyone, but the importance of acknowledging those feelings (I think) is universal.

She was so absent from so much of my life, but she was still my mom. That connection is deep even when the relationship is complicated. Sigh. I am comforted by her presence in our back yard with our new back yard birds. In my heart she is now at peace and happy. I will try to make that my focus.

Other random updates:

My friend Liz and I have this very silly competition… who can get the closest to empty before refilling the tank. This was my attempt last week-


I had 1.2 gallons left. Sigh. Liz has made it to less than .4 gallons. I guess she is the true rebel…. for now.

Check out one of my favorite spring flowers – Nigella.


And, I learned these facts thanks to my master gardener friend…. the aromatic seeds have been used for culinary and medicinal purposes (particularly in Turkey, the Middle East and India) and the seeds can be used for gluten free flour.

Check out a new dinner dish – tomato & lima bean casserole. A hit with the whole family!


I will leave you with this pic of a double rainbow from dance carpool last week. Please know that I was stuck in stopped traffic when I snapped this picture. Amazing, huh?


That’s it for now.  More later this week.


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