middle school exploratoriums

At Carolina Friends School, the last 3 weeks of the school year are devoted to exploratoriums. So each week students study a certain topic in depth.

Week one for Samantha was Equestrian Vaulting. And, yes I had to sign a waiver that said she would be doing gymnastics on a horse without a helmet. A big pause before signing that one, but I did it.

Here she is with Prince, a 20 year old horse who was a gentle giant with the tween girls.


And here are her two performances. Yes, my non trusting child stood up on a horse!

Now for Aidan. He spent the week in the Smokies – hiking, writing poetry, and somehow (like most 12 yr old boys do) found a car collection. Here are some of his pics. Note: The blurry black dot in the grass is a bear!

I love that they get these experiences at school. A very different middle school experience than mine, for sure!


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