It’s finally official

I found out on Thursday that I am officially the new Girl Scouts Director for Chatham and Moore Counties. This has been in the works for almost 2 months, and the waiting was super hard. I wrote about the road to get me to this phase of life here.  This job feels like a good fit for me… the best part? I get to work from my home office!


I have not had a salaried job in almost 5 years, and with two kiddos in private school, we need me to have a salaried job.

With the return to full time work, Friends TALK will need to look differently. But I am happy to report that it will continue. I had to sign a non-compete clause, so I will not be able to offer programming in Chatham or Moore Counties.  I totally understand this, since we would both be targeting the same population. I can, however, offer programming in other counties and continue blogging and the newest endeavor… podcasting!

The podcast and the upcoming publications feel like the right way to reach more girls and get back to the full time working world.

Wish me luck!



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