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A 1980’s Summer Day

So, Samantha does not have any camp activities this week, which has led to a serious 2106 kid problem…. she is BORED. I even let her have a friend over for a hang out and sleepover. Boredom still prevailed. As I was taking a post workout shower, I thought about this boredom. It did not exist when I was a kid in the 1980’s. We entertained ourselves. Grown ups did not do this for us.

Samantha and her friend asked to go to the mall for the day, and I politely said no because I had some work meetings and her friend’s mom has a toddler, so a mall hang out would be painful for her. We both agreed that a non negotiable no was healthy for them to hear once in a while….gasp.

After my shower, I gave the girls a challenge – spend one afternoon like you live in the 1980’s. I even helped with this fun activity by providing a 1980’s lunch. Check it out –


Of course all of these 1980’s food items were readily available at our local Wal Mart. They loved their lunch, but the best part was Aidan’s evaluation of this meal when he came home from soccer camp… “mom, all of that is super unhealthy.” Yes my son, and we all ate it every day and are still alive to tell about it.

This experience has prompted me to find other ways to provide some 1980’s summer experiences for my kiddos (and any unfortunate friends who end up at our house this summer). And, it will be the topic of our next Friends TALK Podcast. Parents, we need to get back to the 80’s way of living. Kids DO NOT need to be entertained at all times. They need to explore, be creative, and even…. allowed to be bored. They will be better people for it. Trust me.

So, who is with me?



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Cape Fear Serpentarium

Today was supposed to be a rainy afternoon at the beach, so we headed to the Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington.

The first snake I found was the Black Mamba. I read about this snake in The Poisonwood Bible by, Barbara Kingsolver. Ruth May, the youngest daughter, is bitten one morning by a Black Mamba, and dies almost instantly.

They look so innocent but are super deadly. Fatality rate is almost 90%. Venom is so quick-acting that there is little time to seek medical attention. It is the second longest venomous snake and could be the fastest-moving snake in the world. Cancel my plans to Africa.

Then there was the King Cobra. It is considered to be one of the most intelligent snakes. Like the Black Mamba, it will chase you.


Then the Bushmaster. There was a whole display on what happens to you minute by minute after being bitten by this snake. The owner has actually been bitten by this snake and actually survived.


Now for the unanticipated part of our visit. Along the walls at the entrance were all kinds of anti-government propaganda. It was creepy to say the least.

So, strange, interesting and scary… but fun and full of facts for this snake loving family. We embrace our weirdness, and because of me, will always find places like this on vacation.


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life at the beach

Life is always good at the beach… really, it is. We have been here since Saturday and have had a blast.

We all enjoy the beach in different ways, but we all have fun.

Highlights of our trip so far:

Father’s Day celebrations.


Binge watching Friends with the tween girl while the boys watched some very important basketball and soccer games. I had forgotten how fun, and so inappropriate, that show is for someone her age. oops.


Picking out dinner options at our favorite place in Wrightsville, Motts Channel Seafood. We opted for shrimp and tuna steaks, but this guy was too fun not to photograph.


A special moment with my Aidan Tilak on the beach.


We saw the sun set and the strawberry moon on the summer solstice. This was the first time this has happened since 1948. Click here if you don’t believe me.

And these two water kids. They have been like this hour after hour every single day. My heart is so happy watching them together.


A few more days of fun. More later.


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a busy week

This was my first official week back to the full time working world. Thankfully, the kids were still at grandparent camp for half of the week.

My week was one of trainings. Now, I will say that the thing I love about the Girl Scouts is the flexible work schedule. My supervisor scheduled our first meeting at 10am because she had to get her kids to camp at 9am and then drive to Raleigh to meet with me. Yes, a supervisor that understands when a mom can and cannot work. So the flexible, work from home schedule is the best benefit they could offer me.

Now for the trainings. I had to sit and listen to hour after hour after hour of rules and regulations. My favorite was how to file a grievance of harassment in the workplace. The only people that will be harassing me are my kiddos…oh, and Smooch. Haha.

The sitting for hours was surprisingly hard for me. Sitting made me tired, which meant I did not want to exercise when I got home.


Now for the good news. My trainings are over! I am now cleared to do my actual job. And, I am proud to report that on day 3 on the job, I secured Community Outreach programming in Pittsboro for 40-50 girls who would otherwise not get Girl Scouts. This will be a big part of my job, and it makes my heart happy to get programming to girls in the community.

Another amazing benefit? On Wednesday, I worked from my car while driving to meet grandparents to pick up the kiddos. Again, that flexibility is just so crucial for me to work full time.

Feeling grateful, but also really feeling the need to move my body. Thankfully that will happen starting tomorrow when we are on vacation!

Kristan – the gal who hates change just survived a week of doing new things!

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Our family’s story

Our family’s adoption story is featured on this week’s episode of the Dads on Doody Podcast. Check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.00.00 PM

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weekend getaway

The kids are with grandparents, so Rahul and I decided to head to our happy place for the weekend. We love Asheville.

We sampled many types of local beers, ate some amazing food, toured one of the first craft breweries in the world (really), and did some shopping. We stayed in a house apartment, so we could walk everywhere. It made me think of my college days. Check out some pics of our fun.

Tomorrow is a work day for both of us…. the first time for me in a while… gulp.



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Monday is the big day

Monday is the day that I return to the full time working world. My last full time job ended due to budget cuts with the local school district in June of 2011. Now, trust me when I say that I have not been sitting around watching Oprah all day for the past 5 years. I have done lots of amazing things, just none that actually resulted in a regular paycheck.

So, I am excited and also nervous about the return to the “real” working world. You know, the world where you get paid on a regular basis. But I have gotten a bit set in my ways over the past 5 years. I love being a homebody, but I know in my heart it is going to be good for me to be forced to get out of the house more often.

My brain needs it. I needed it last summer in a big way.

Now for what will change.

  1. Sweet Smoochie will need to spend more time in her crate. I have been telling myself this week that this will not be as bad as I think it will be. She sleeps ALL DAY on her special chair, so the crate is not that much different. I would leave her on the deck, but she is not a fan of the summer heat and howls when left out there.
  2. I will have to wear shoes that are not flip flops or running shoes. This is literally all I have worn since June 2011, except for the occasional Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or job interview. I finally found a nice pair of work shoes that work with my old lady feet. Like them?


3. The kids will need structure when I am away. But I already have a plan for this.

4. I will need to find Starbucks in various places in Chatham and Moore Counties.


Thank goodness for the map search feature on the iPhone. Siri can find me a Starbucks just about anywhere. God I love her.

So, I should be set, right? Except doing new things, meeting new people is super hard for me. But I am ready, and I know I can do it. This job was written for me.

I hate change, but change is about to happen. And it is happening for good reasons. Wish me luck.

Rigid, opposed to change Kristan


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