Dads on Doody

One of Rahul’s college friends started a podcast that I have been listening to since February. 2 dads with 3 kids each, trying to figure out how to be a good parent. Why is this harder for dads? Most parenting advice is written for the mom audience, not dads. The podcast is called Dads on Doody… get it?

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.50.49 PM

I subscribed to the podcast in iTunes and listen every Monday morning. And, yes I am aware that I am not a dad. But they are funny, especially chuckling Will. The other podcasts that I listen to are much more serious (I have a serious problem with Serial, Undisclosed and Truth and Justice) so DOD is a nice way to start off my weekly commute.

Now for the exciting news. I am the guest for the upcoming episode. The topic? Adoption.

I will be talking about our experience with adoption. And, as I thought about what I would say to the questions being asked, it made me really think about how adoption has impacted our family. We are very different from most adoptive families in that we chose to adopt vs trying to get pregnant. And I know after our kiddos ended up in our family that there truly is a higher power. There is no other way 2 children from 2 different countries ended up in our family.

After reflecting today, and listening to the first episode where the dads interviewed an adult adoptee who really struggled with the unknown of adoption, I realized how lucky we have been. Our kids are happy, healthy, and we are able to talk about any and all topics. My sweet husband sometimes wishes there were some topics that were off the table for discussion. Especially at dinner when the pubescent tween announces things that Rahul never talked about with anyone at that age. But me, I say bring it. The good, the bad, and everything in between. I did not have that as a child and want more than anything for my kids to feel comfortable coming to me with any topic.

So, tomorrow morning I will use our fancy podcast equipment to record an episode with the dads. Super excited. Reminders: talk slowly, I can still talk with my hands b/c there is no visual component, and no “ums.”


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