a busy week

This was my first official week back to the full time working world. Thankfully, the kids were still at grandparent camp for half of the week.

My week was one of trainings. Now, I will say that the thing I love about the Girl Scouts is the flexible work schedule. My supervisor scheduled our first meeting at 10am because she had to get her kids to camp at 9am and then drive to Raleigh to meet with me. Yes, a supervisor that understands when a mom can and cannot work. So the flexible, work from home schedule is the best benefit they could offer me.

Now for the trainings. I had to sit and listen to hour after hour after hour of rules and regulations. My favorite was how to file a grievance of harassment in the workplace. The only people that will be harassing me are my kiddos…oh, and Smooch. Haha.

The sitting for hours was surprisingly hard for me. Sitting made me tired, which meant I did not want to exercise when I got home.


Now for the good news. My trainings are over! I am now cleared to do my actual job. And, I am proud to report that on day 3 on the job, I secured Community Outreach programming in Pittsboro for 40-50 girls who would otherwise not get Girl Scouts. This will be a big part of my job, and it makes my heart happy to get programming to girls in the community.

Another amazing benefit? On Wednesday, I worked from my car while driving to meet grandparents to pick up the kiddos. Again, that flexibility is just so crucial for me to work full time.

Feeling grateful, but also really feeling the need to move my body. Thankfully that will happen starting tomorrow when we are on vacation!

Kristan – the gal who hates change just survived a week of doing new things!

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