A 1980’s Summer Day

So, Samantha does not have any camp activities this week, which has led to a serious 2106 kid problem…. she is BORED. I even let her have a friend over for a hang out and sleepover. Boredom still prevailed. As I was taking a post workout shower, I thought about this boredom. It did not exist when I was a kid in the 1980’s. We entertained ourselves. Grown ups did not do this for us.

Samantha and her friend asked to go to the mall for the day, and I politely said no because I had some work meetings and her friend’s mom has a toddler, so a mall hang out would be painful for her. We both agreed that a non negotiable no was healthy for them to hear once in a while….gasp.

After my shower, I gave the girls a challenge – spend one afternoon like you live in the 1980’s. I even helped with this fun activity by providing a 1980’s lunch. Check it out –


Of course all of these 1980’s food items were readily available at our local Wal Mart. They loved their lunch, but the best part was Aidan’s evaluation of this meal when he came home from soccer camp… “mom, all of that is super unhealthy.” Yes my son, and we all ate it every day and are still alive to tell about it.

This experience has prompted me to find other ways to provide some 1980’s summer experiences for my kiddos (and any unfortunate friends who end up at our house this summer). And, it will be the topic of our next Friends TALK Podcast. Parents, we need to get back to the 80’s way of living. Kids DO NOT need to be entertained at all times. They need to explore, be creative, and even…. allowed to be bored. They will be better people for it. Trust me.

So, who is with me?



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