technology snafu

So this parenting thing in the tween years….not so easy. Especially in the summer months.

Samantha has been harder to police with technology and social media. I think this is because girls are just naturally more social and want to share more than boys. That is our experience, at least.

This week was one of no camps, and Samantha asked to spend the night with a friend. I agreed, but was a bit disappointed when I heard the over the top activities they did. Come on, I have been trying to get back to a 1980s summer. Click here for that movement.

Fast forward to pick up time the next day…. Samantha indicated that the mom “insisted” that she stay another night. I could not get in touch with the parent, so agreed to another night. Bad Move.

Around 11pm I started getting texts and calls from friend moms saying Samantha’s texts were “scary” and another mom asking her to stop texting her child. UGH.

Frustration on so many levels –

  1. Samantha did not do what she has learned about technology…. think it through before you say or do. Your words and actions are like toothpaste, once they are out you cannot take them back.
  2.  I could not get in touch with this parent in any way, which became more of an issue after getting texts and calls about things being scary.

Here is where technology goes after these types of incidents….

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.27.58 PM

And now I feel more hyper aware of where she is at night.

Lessons to work on for sure. Happy for a child that will talk to me about things like this.

Lots to learn in this parenting journey. Super grateful for my parenting tribe members who reached out to me last night. That saying, it takes a village? So true.

Feeling grateful,



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