summer updates

Well, I have officially been back in the full time working world for one month. Now that all the trainings are done and I am doing my “real” job, I am really liking it. The flexible schedule has been AMAZING, especially with kids in camps on different schedules. I started doing community outreach this week, so I got to hang out with 30+ girls at the Chatham YMCA Day Camp. I will be doing more of this at the N Chatham site starting next Wed. The goal with community outreach is to bring Girl Scouts programming to girls who would otherwise not participate. I have also hosted my first recruitment event in Vass, NC. Do you know where that is? How about Aberdeen, NC? Rural North Carolina. It has been fun to visit places super different from where I live. Here are a few pics of my outreach and recruitment. The first is the Friendship Circle. One of the many Girl Scout traditions.


A new Girl Scout planting her roots with a plant.


Now for things around the house. The woods have been trying to take back over. The Japanese grass, a highly invasive weed, has been inching closer and closer to us.


Today I used my lunch break to start my battle to take back the woods. Step 1: weed eat and mow to get the weeds low to the ground. Step 2: spray weed killer. This will be a long project, but I have already gotten the Japanese grass from the gardens, so this is the logical next step. It is such an eye sore.

Also on my gardening to do list – thinning out shrubs and bushes. I will rely on my handy dandy electric hedge clipper to thin out, then Rahul can use the chain saw f0r the final clearings. Some of these shrubs were planted in the late 1990s, and now there is one giant wall of shrubs in the front garden and against the house. Time for a hair cut overgrown garden!

More pictures to come.


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