Let There Be Rock

Aidan finished a week of rock camp today. Not rock climbing. Rock and roll camp. Kids form a band, pick 3 songs to learn to play together, and perform on Friday. Whew. Lofty goal, huh? Especially since the “bands” meet for the first time on Monday of the camp week.

Aidan was lucky in that one of his band mates was a friend of his, and one he played in a band with last summer. It was fun to see them play together again this summer.

The band’s name: Struggle Bus.


They played 3 songs: Ticket to Ride by the Beatles, Seventh Nation Army by the White Stripes, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.


Struggle Bus was AWESOME! My hope is that Aidan can continue in their band program for the school year. Playing sports at school plus a band…. I hope we can make it happen.


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