pushing out of the comfort zone

We are learning a lot about our not so little man these days. Heck, he is almost as tall as me… with facial hair!

But with adolescence has come a different Aidan. He is much more reserved socially, tends to hang out solo, not very active. Now, if someone had told me as a parent of 4 yr old Aidan that I would have worry about his inactivity, I would have laughed in their face. My job then was to keep that wild child ALIVE. We had visuals on the car seat (hold mommy’s hand, walking feet). We reviewed these each and every time we got out of the car.

Now he is content to hang out in his room. And, he would do this if we let him. But magical things happen when you force him out of his comfort zone.

Example 1: The FARM pool party event last night. At first he said he would just stay home. The event included alcohol (gasp) so kids had to be signed up for childcare in the clubhouse. He went reluctantly, but on the ride home said he had a blast hanging with the counselors in charge of the kids.

Example 2: Sunday Funday. Rahul took him to lunch and the Baxter today.


Then they came home and smoked chicken and veggies together on the Big Green Egg. Note: not one of our chickens. But dinner was AWESOME, and Aidan was proud to be a part of the cooking process. He even hung out at the pool (without being asked) and ate a TON at dinner.

So, the parent take away message: keep the teen engaged, even if he does not really want to. Pushing out of that comfort zone is a GOOD thing.

My take away – register Aidan for the Let There Be Rock Band Program. He might be too busy with school sports and band, but it is sometimes better to be more busy than less busy. We will try and see how it goes.

This parenting gig….live, learn and always be willing to grow as a parent.


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