skin care in the teen years

My sweet Aidan has skin like mine, and that is not a good thing. I was hoping that since neither of my children were biologically related to me, they would be able to pass on all of my skin issues that started around the age of 13 and lasted into middle age.

Here is our current army of supports.


Aidan has super dry skin, which means white patches form on his cheeks. The technical term for this skin condition: Pityriasis alba.

We keep his skin moist and sun protected with Cerave. We have bottles in his bathroom, the kitchen counter, and even in the car. Another Pityriasis alba ally is Elidel. We usually do two 2-week treatments after our last beach trip of the summer.

Then there is acne. Aidan started getting cystic acne in 6th grade. The same time I did in middle school. With the arrival of his second cyst, I scheduled a dermatology appt. I had horrible cysts into adulthood that left permanent scars. Me? I  am super grateful for copper peptides and dermarollers… most of my scars are now gone. Oh, and spironolactone to keep that pesky hormonal acne away. For Aidan, there are much better topicals than there were in the 1980s. We use Onexton.

But…you have to remember to keep up with this regime. That has been our problem. I will scream upstairs for Aidan to wash his face. He answers yes from his bed with his face in a screen. Hence, our new plan. I have all of the above lovely items on our kitchen counter. Aidan comes downstairs before I go to bed to wash his face, Onexton on his T-zone, Elidel on his cheeks. I am hoping that in the not so distant future, he will care more about his appearance and take on these responsibilities for himself. But for now, me and my army of supports will keep his skin looking as handsome as the young man he is turning into.


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