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Back to school

Today was finally back to school for the kiddos. 6th and 7th grade. How is that possible?

Check out today’s token back to school pic.


I try to get a picture every year, and so I decided to scroll back through the years to see how much they have changed since they started pre-k and Kindergarten.

Check these out….starting with pre-k/K (2009) though 5th and 6th grade (2015).


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giant metal chickens

One of the things I miss the most now that I am working full time is the ability to write whenever the mood strikes me. I LOVE to write. It helps me process things, understand myself better, and it is just fun. I saw one of my many (haha) blog followers at the grocery store this past week, and she mentioned that she was a bit disappointed in my posts this summer. She has bad insomnia and reads our blog for entertainment when she cannot sleep. She uses our blog to help pass the early morning time. Geez. As I wrote that, I am not sure if that is a big sales push for my content 😉

Anyway. For those that are still with me, we had some funny happenings this week. Most of my readers know about Beyonce…. our giant metal chicken. I love her story and her message.

Fast forward to this past week. A new antique store opened up, and when I drove by it on Monday there was a giant rooster out front. I did a U turn to check it out in more detail. But the store was closed. I emailed the contact listed on the door, and he told me the price.

On Wednesday I went back to the store to get him, but they were not set up to take credit cards….ugh! Not to be deterred, later on while taking Samantha’s friend home after a 2 day, only happens in the summer sleepover days, I stopped by again. But guess what? They were open, but there was a note on the door that read “Be back in a second.” Double UGH. I had the cash and wanted my rooster!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.24.14 PM

I had to do some quick thinking. I grabbed the envelope in my glove compartment from my fishing license application… put in $182 and said it was for the rooster out front, stuffed it in the door frame, and we loaded him into the car.

Samantha and her friend Julia named him Rusty. And we all worried that the Carrboro cops would be following us home.

Check out Rusty in his new home.


Rahul says that I *stole* Rusty because I left $182 and he was actually $185. I had an anxiety dream about this last night where 2 workers from the store ran out as my car passed the store saying I still owed $3. Good God I am clearly not a person who breaks rules.

But Rusty was meant to be in our family. I know it.


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the friend party

The friend pool party was a HIT. Mostly thanks to Rahul’s water balloons. If only I had created this party hit….

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.50.27 PM

You can fill 33 water balloons at a time and they are automatically tied when you pull them off. Hello??? Instant fun!

Here are some pics of the party fun. Be sure to note Aidan’s party interactions with a certain girl. It is middle school…sigh.



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officially a teenager

It is hard to believe that my Aidan is officially a teenager. I went upstairs yesterday morning and snuggled my first baby extra in anticipation of this big change. Aidan taught me how to truly love unconditionally and that there is a higher power.

Rahul gave him a special gift, only one that a father could give to a son. He is a great dad.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.00.16 PM

Today, he woke up to no summer expectations (read: no summer math work) and dinner and a sleepover with his best buddy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.59.57 PM

More festivities tomorrow with the friend party.


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grandparent camp

The grandparents came to visit for a week. They rented a house in Pittsboro, and PPops fell in love with all things Pittsboro. He learned about the town currency, the soda shop, and so much more.

This weekend the adults got to hang out at grandparent camp too. This meant dinner at Acme, a visit to the Caroline Tiger Rescue, pulled pork on the Big Green Egg, and the first of many celebrations for Aidan’s upcoming birthday. I am still in awe that my little man is going to be 13 years old on Friday…..a TEENAGER!

Good memories.


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the beach bed and getting good sleep

Our house at the beach was super old. Think early 1950s, which was fine, we  just had to be extra careful with plumbing. Oh and Samantha had to get creative in order to take her daily baths. See, the tub drain was rusted into the open position and she could not make it go to the closed position. There was a little drama (you would think she was on vacation from life as a CEO of a major corporation, not an 11 year old girl on summer vacation) but the creative problem solver of the family…. me …. figured out a solution.

Now for the bed. Oh my God this bed was AMAZING. I would fall into it and I swear there was some type of magnetic force that kept me in it. I have never slept in a memory foam bed, but after a week on this one, it is at the top of my Santa list this year.


One morning, we decided not to set an alarm (gasp!) and Samantha finally came into our room at 9:30am asking if we planned on getting up for the day. I had drool on my cheek, along with sleep lines. You know what those are, right? Those creases in your cheek that mean you were sleeping HARD.

Samantha is also on the memory foam mattress bandwagon. Maybe Santa will treat us all to new mattresses for Christmas. The kids have those toddler starter mattresses that were the cheapest we could get. We got them both when we did the home addition in 2008, so all the big bucks went to the contractor.

Now, I also know part of my good sleep at the beach was a direct result of my animal family not being with us. I love my animals dearly, but the cats routinely wake up around 3-4am wanting to play and eat breakfast. And if you do not address their needs quickly, they will “play” with your feet. Rahul has uttered many a curse words and threatened to take the cats far, far away many times. Still not sure why they only like to play with his feet. Then there is Smooch. That damn dog loves me so much and wants to be close to me even while sleeping. We did a trial a year or so ago of letting her sleep outside of the crate on her special chair, but if left alone she chews walls, etc. Check out my handy work from her last time alone outside of the crate.


The hole was next to the lamp, so I simply covered it with a family tree sticker…. looks good, huh? But Rahul’s take on it was that if Smooch continued to sleep unsupervised, our living room would turn into something out of Jack and the Beanstalk. So…. I spend a few hours every night on the couch next to my Smoochie to keep her happy. She comes up to my head, rests her head next to me and lets out a big sigh, then slides down into sleep position happy as she can be.

Anyway, I digress. I hope Santa thinks I have been good this year when Christmas is near. Fingers crossed.



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OBX 2016

We had a wonderful beach week in Duck, NC. The drive there was a bit painful, but after doing reenactments of Rahul’s frustration during the 2+ hr final 8.1 mile drive, we were all fine.

Lots of time on the beach, good food, fishing, seeing the wild horses of Corolla (in a Hummer!), visiting the Currituck lighthouse, and jet skiing for the first time were just a few of our highlights.

I had to come back a day early to go to an all day work conference tomorrow, but the rest of the crew will be home tomorrow. Samantha is super excited about having a sleepover with daddy tonight 🙂

Here are a few pics of our fun week.


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