Our next Food Network Star

This week has been INSANE. Poor Rahul started the work week greeted by this as he left for work at 7:15am.


After chainsawing for 30+ minutes, he took another shower and we pushed the logs so that we could all get out of the driveway. But this was not a permanent solution. The problem? The trees were blocking our road but not on our property. And, because this happened on Monday morning, we missed our weekly trash pick up. UGH.

Rahul and I both had full work weeks, and by Thursday we were both in full on stress mode to get everything done so that we could have a REAL vacation.

In an effort to help, Samantha offered to cook dinner. She made lasagna. And, as she put it, good lasagna. I need to explain. I found a really cool recipe for zucchini lasagna a month or so ago. But…. not so good. It was soupy and no one liked it. I call that a swing and a miss in terms of new dinner options.

Samantha cooked *real* lasagna.

And then, because we love to watch the Next Food Network Star as a family, she did her own version of an 11 yr demo. Check it out.

Fun times for sure. Great memories in the making.


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