giant metal chickens

One of the things I miss the most now that I am working full time is the ability to write whenever the mood strikes me. I LOVE to write. It helps me process things, understand myself better, and it is just fun. I saw one of my many (haha) blog followers at the grocery store this past week, and she mentioned that she was a bit disappointed in my posts this summer. She has bad insomnia and reads our blog for entertainment when she cannot sleep. She uses our blog to help pass the early morning time. Geez. As I wrote that, I am not sure if that is a big sales push for my content 😉

Anyway. For those that are still with me, we had some funny happenings this week. Most of my readers know about Beyonce…. our giant metal chicken. I love her story and her message.

Fast forward to this past week. A new antique store opened up, and when I drove by it on Monday there was a giant rooster out front. I did a U turn to check it out in more detail. But the store was closed. I emailed the contact listed on the door, and he told me the price.

On Wednesday I went back to the store to get him, but they were not set up to take credit cards….ugh! Not to be deterred, later on while taking Samantha’s friend home after a 2 day, only happens in the summer sleepover days, I stopped by again. But guess what? They were open, but there was a note on the door that read “Be back in a second.” Double UGH. I had the cash and wanted my rooster!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.24.14 PM

I had to do some quick thinking. I grabbed the envelope in my glove compartment from my fishing license application… put in $182 and said it was for the rooster out front, stuffed it in the door frame, and we loaded him into the car.

Samantha and her friend Julia named him Rusty. And we all worried that the Carrboro cops would be following us home.

Check out Rusty in his new home.


Rahul says that I *stole* Rusty because I left $182 and he was actually $185. I had an anxiety dream about this last night where 2 workers from the store ran out as my car passed the store saying I still owed $3. Good God I am clearly not a person who breaks rules.

But Rusty was meant to be in our family. I know it.


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