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week in review

Soccer, volleyball, funny carpools, work, and a new iPhone toy.

Sports are going well for the kiddos. We are getting HW done even with practices or games every day after school.

Yesterday Aidan videotaped me singing Push It by, Salt N Pepa. Life with adolescents. Never boring.

Good news with work for me. I was asked to join the newly forming Outreach Curriculum Planning Team. Folks familiar with my professional journey know that curriculum development is near and dear to my heart. That is what my dissertation research focused on, as well as the Friends TALK book. I LOVE curriculum development, and if that can be a part of what I do with Girl Scouts….win/win my book.

Now for my new toy. I got a macro lens for my iPhone. This might just be the best invention of 2106. Check out some of my first pics.


Fall break is here, so off to camp we go!


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Saturday in DOOK gardens

I should probably spell DOOK the correct way when referring to the Duke Gardens, but that would mean I am a mature grown up / not a UNC fan. But, I do love the flowers and the memories our family has made there.
This past weekend we took Smooch for her first trip to the gardens and she had so much fun.


Smooch was done by the end of our walk and plopped down in the grass requesting a VIP pick up.

Super sad that this will be her last trip to the gardens. No dogs allowed after Jan 1st. Boo.

But we did get our traditional lunch after… Bojangles. Good times folks!


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fall soccer

Aidan has been having a blast playing fall soccer at school. One of the parents takes pictures at all the games. Check out Aidan in action. This game was against Durham Academy, and we won 2-1!


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the gas crisis

Most folks in the Southeast know about our current gas crisis. It felt a bit like Armageddon in our area. Cars lined up out into the road to get gas at local gas stations before they ran out. I was able to get gas and felt like I was set for the week. Tuesday I had to drive to Southern Pines and West End for work recruitment events. On the way there I stopped at 3 places to fill up. By the third stop, I had a full tank. When I arrived home at 8:30pm, I had over 3/4th a tank of gas left. So imagine my surprise when Wed morning, I hopped in my car and saw that my gas light was on. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out what happened….someone stole the gas from my car overnight.

When I posted on social media about what happened, I had some friends share that this had happened to friends they knew. Apparently this is a thing that people do. How sad.

Now Rahul has always told me to lock my car at night, but my thought was who would be crazy enough to walk all the way down our road in the dark? Lesson learned.

Wednesday night I left a note for our gas thief –


Friends kept saying we should leave Smooch on the front porch to protect us. Yes she is a big girl, but look at this face. She is a gentle giant who would only lick a thief to death. But….if it was a day she also ate her poop, that might be a good punishment 🙂


I hope the person who stole my gas did it because he really needed it and not because he could sell it for something he wanted. We have lived with unlocked car doors for 20 years in the Woods of Wild Azalea Lane.


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the hair emergency

Samantha attended a mall birthday party this past weekend. The family did what we did… give each girl $20 instead of a traditional party. The girls shopped, had dinner and a sleepover. Super fun times. Samantha came home with temporary hair dye as the thing she purchased with her money. I did not investigate further, thinking it was one of those color dye kits where your hair is pink for a few days then back to the regular hair color.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. After Quiet Hour, someone else came downstairs. This person did not have temporary pink hair. Her hair was bleached orange.

At first she tried to act like she liked it, but I could tell this was just for show. By Monday morning, she was wearing a hat to go to school. I emailed my hair stylist who asked me to tell her the ingredients of the hair dye. The first one…. bleach!  No way to get that out but to apply color over it.

So to the grocery store we went this afternoon. Oh, school was let out early because the terrible thunderstorms resulted in a lightning strike that hit a transformer, starting a fire, knocking out power and water. So…. no after school sports. A bonus good thing because Aidan had his annual physical (complete with flu and HPV shots). And Rahul was home in time to cook dinner so we could save our pre-made dinner for Tues and Wed. Whew. It is only Monday  folks!

Samantha and I had a long talk about “thinking it through” before you do things. A conversation I am sure we will have many more times during the tween/teen years. Here are pics of our crazy experience.


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the weekend and a great story

This weekend was one of many during the month of September that I will be working. Sept-Dec are big recruitment months in the world of Girl Scouts. Radio ads, flyers, and good ol’ word of mouth about local troops mean that I am super busy. But the great part about my job is that I will be busy with this task for a few months, then back to doing Community Outreach, etc later on.

Yesterday I headed to Aberdeen, NC for an event. Here are some pics of our fun.

I noticed a girl trying to join our group. She was at the park with a grandparent, and I happily let her join the fun. I think her joining actually made our relay games even… score! I gave the grandparent my business card at the end of our fun when she asked, and did not think more of it.

Fast forward to tonight. My phone rang and it was the grandparent….wait the great, great grandparent. She had no email address and could not do the online registration, so I took payment over the phone and used my email address. When I shared there was a troop close to her house, she exclaimed “praise the Lord.” This was after I asked where she lived, and she said close to _____. I had to ask again to get the actual town.

She obviously wanted to talk, so I let her. We talked about religion, black/white relationships, the death of her son, and how her granddaughter was going to pester her to death to be a Girl Scout if she did not sign her up today. She had such insightful things to say about church. She does not like all black or all white, that we should all be mixed together. I added that God is supposed to love everyone, and she agreed. I thought of this as a little sign to me that even in more rural NC, there are folks open to others not like them. I am so glad I was the person who got to chat with her this afternoon. And bless her for being a rock star grandparent!


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parenting the teen

The getting back into the school year schedule has been a bit of a challenge for us. Me working full time, and the kids both playing sports after school each day has not made it easier. But, such is life.

Here are our challenges. Aidan is a night owl and his parents are not.


We have a plan in place for taking away technology, but he is also a fan of late night snacks. He does not eat a lot during the day, and this morning I learned why. I found over 3000 calories of food in his room from LAST NIGHT. Ugh. Bad, bad habits. You eat a lot at night, don’t move, then you are not hungry in the morning, don’t eat a lot during the day. Repeat pattern. Oh, and he gravitates towards carbs, so all those calories are just converted to sugar overnight.

I admit, I lost it this morning. I just could not believe our relatively healthy family was in this place.

The plan. After researching locks for the pantry, I had to do a parenting reset. Locking the pantry door was not the solution. Aidan has to learn some self control. And, it is our job to be the teachers. So tonight we talked about how carbs turn to sugar, and what happens to those carbs when you eat a bunch of them at night and do not move until the next morning.

For Aidan, this will be what we call a hard reset. Every now and then we have to do this with him. It is not a parenting strategy that we like, but needed sometimes. We have identified nuts, apples and string cheese as the approved snacks for after dinner. These are good ones because the nuts are in a small package, the apple…is an apple, and the string cheese comes in its own wrapper. Get the trend? We are teaching portion controls. If other foods are eaten after dinner, the penalty is loss of technology for TWO days. Folks, this is an eternity for a 13 year old.

Fingers crossed our new plan helps us get back on track. I hugged Aidan and explained that if I did not love him I would just let him eat and do whatever, but because I do love him a lot, I can’t do that.

Sigh, parenting. Not for the weak or non reflective.


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