the bad, bad girl


Smooch was a bad, bad girl on Monday afternoon. I was on a work phone call when she rang the bell to go out to go potty in the back yard. I was obviously distracted by work, so when she did not come right back to the door and my call was over, I looked around for her. Smooch had cleared the Invisible Fence to the chicken coop area and was “playing” with one of the chickens. The chicken was still alive but a bit gimpy with the right leg. She still wanted to drink water, so I decided she might make it. Put her in the nesting box and Googled humane ways to kill a chicken with my evening glass of wine. Now, a witty social media friend asked how I was going to kill the chicken with my glass of wine…. hardy har har. I was drinking the glass of wine while doing my research. Something that is clearly a Chatham Co thing to do. As I did my research, I hoped that there would be one of 2 options in the morning – she would perk up or be dead. After my research, I was convinced that I could not humanely kill the chicken.

I went out to the chicken coop the next morning and the chicken was dead in the nesting box. The kids were mad at Smooch, and I had to explain that some dogs/animals have that need to chase and kill as a part of their innate disposition. Not even an Invisible Fence can correct for that 100% of the time. But it does mean we need to be more aware with Smooch is in the back yard and not let that happen unsupervised.

Farm life is not always easy. So I am guessing this is probably not the best time to ask Rahul if we can raise bees for homegrown honey 😉



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