Labor Day and work update

Labor Day weekend was great. Aidan and Rahul went to a DOOK football game while Samantha and I watched the Poltergeist remake. Spoiler alert…. it was bad… but bad horror movies are our “thing.” We also went to a Durham Bulls Game. Beer, Brats, home runs…. check, check, check.

Monday we had a pool party with Rahul’s amazing pulled pork. Always a hit. Kevin and Samuel came, which made me super happy. We had a few friends over too, and it was a nice get together. Lots of good discussions and laughs.


I also wanted to give a work update. I am almost 3 mos into my return to the full time working world. I am proud to report that while I am busy, it has not felt overwhelming. Today I got to do something super special… record a Public Service Announcement for some upcoming recruitment events in Moore Co later this month. How fun!


Oh, and I almost forgot to share about my return to the world of running. I am doing this very slowly, only doing run/walk intervals on Sunday morning with my best running friend. I have really missed this time with her. And our “church,” also known as Harrison Pond. I am stiff and achy in places after our runs, but no injuries to report. Woo hoo. I think the key is not to overdue it. I love to run, so every time start back I do too much and get hurt. But this once a week feels good. And I love my church time. Check it out.




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