the hair emergency

Samantha attended a mall birthday party this past weekend. The family did what we did… give each girl $20 instead of a traditional party. The girls shopped, had dinner and a sleepover. Super fun times. Samantha came home with temporary hair dye as the thing she purchased with her money. I did not investigate further, thinking it was one of those color dye kits where your hair is pink for a few days then back to the regular hair color.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. After Quiet Hour, someone else came downstairs. This person did not have temporary pink hair. Her hair was bleached orange.

At first she tried to act like she liked it, but I could tell this was just for show. By Monday morning, she was wearing a hat to go to school. I emailed my hair stylist who asked me to tell her the ingredients of the hair dye. The first one…. bleach!  No way to get that out but to apply color over it.

So to the grocery store we went this afternoon. Oh, school was let out early because the terrible thunderstorms resulted in a lightning strike that hit a transformer, starting a fire, knocking out power and water. So…. no after school sports. A bonus good thing because Aidan had his annual physical (complete with flu and HPV shots). And Rahul was home in time to cook dinner so we could save our pre-made dinner for Tues and Wed. Whew. It is only Monday  folks!

Samantha and I had a long talk about “thinking it through” before you do things. A conversation I am sure we will have many more times during the tween/teen years. Here are pics of our crazy experience.


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