the weekend and a great story

This weekend was one of many during the month of September that I will be working. Sept-Dec are big recruitment months in the world of Girl Scouts. Radio ads, flyers, and good ol’ word of mouth about local troops mean that I am super busy. But the great part about my job is that I will be busy with this task for a few months, then back to doing Community Outreach, etc later on.

Yesterday I headed to Aberdeen, NC for an event. Here are some pics of our fun.

I noticed a girl trying to join our group. She was at the park with a grandparent, and I happily let her join the fun. I think her joining actually made our relay games even… score! I gave the grandparent my business card at the end of our fun when she asked, and did not think more of it.

Fast forward to tonight. My phone rang and it was the grandparent….wait the great, great grandparent. She had no email address and could not do the online registration, so I took payment over the phone and used my email address. When I shared there was a troop close to her house, she exclaimed “praise the Lord.” This was after I asked where she lived, and she said close to _____. I had to ask again to get the actual town.

She obviously wanted to talk, so I let her. We talked about religion, black/white relationships, the death of her son, and how her granddaughter was going to pester her to death to be a Girl Scout if she did not sign her up today. She had such insightful things to say about church. She does not like all black or all white, that we should all be mixed together. I added that God is supposed to love everyone, and she agreed. I thought of this as a little sign to me that even in more rural NC, there are folks open to others not like them. I am so glad I was the person who got to chat with her this afternoon. And bless her for being a rock star grandparent!


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