the gas crisis

Most folks in the Southeast know about our current gas crisis. It felt a bit like Armageddon in our area. Cars lined up out into the road to get gas at local gas stations before they ran out. I was able to get gas and felt like I was set for the week. Tuesday I had to drive to Southern Pines and West End for work recruitment events. On the way there I stopped at 3 places to fill up. By the third stop, I had a full tank. When I arrived home at 8:30pm, I had over 3/4th a tank of gas left. So imagine my surprise when Wed morning, I hopped in my car and saw that my gas light was on. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out what happened….someone stole the gas from my car overnight.

When I posted on social media about what happened, I had some friends share that this had happened to friends they knew. Apparently this is a thing that people do. How sad.

Now Rahul has always told me to lock my car at night, but my thought was who would be crazy enough to walk all the way down our road in the dark? Lesson learned.

Wednesday night I left a note for our gas thief –


Friends kept saying we should leave Smooch on the front porch to protect us. Yes she is a big girl, but look at this face. She is a gentle giant who would only lick a thief to death. But….if it was a day she also ate her poop, that might be a good punishment 🙂


I hope the person who stole my gas did it because he really needed it and not because he could sell it for something he wanted. We have lived with unlocked car doors for 20 years in the Woods of Wild Azalea Lane.


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