fall camping

I am sad to report that this weekend was the first time we went camping as a family since early May. Not sure what happened this summer. It feels like we blinked and it was gone.

The kids had a long weekend break, so we headed to one of our favorite camping spots – Falls Lake. Great campsite, amazing views, and a mere 45 mins from our house. This trip reminded me of a post from one of my favorite podcasts – Dads on Doody. They wrote about taking back Sundays as a family. I hope we made the dads proud this weekend. Quality time together… and Rahul and I are even getting super great at this camping thing. We looked like pros packing up the camper this afternoon.

And, probably the best part of the whole weekend….while fishing with my 13 year old man child (since when did he start looking at me at eye level with a deep voice and the start of facial hair?) He asked if we could take a mom and son fishing trip, just us. Of course I said YES. I will start planning a weekend after the middle school dance 😉

Check out some pics from our fun weekend. We all needed it for different reasons.


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