October 5th

This is always a special day in our family. It is the day Samantha came home to her forever family in 2005.


I have written about my trip to bring Samantha home a few times on our blog and talked about on the Dads on Doody Podcast.  This trip was very different than my trip to bring Aidan home, but still full of stories.

I need to start with the story about the actual flight home. Samantha was/is a very non trusting gal. She was NOT a fan of being removed from her foster family. Let me back up. Her foster family invited us to dinner. Because she was an early to bed kind of gal (still is), she fell asleep at her foster family’s house and woke up in a hotel room with me and my sister in law. Man, she was not happy about that. The picture above was actually the first smile that I got from my little lady. She refused to eat, poop, smile… pretty much anything we wanted her to do.

Then we got on the plane to go home. As we were strapping on our seatbelts (that we could not take off until we were safely in the air), Samantha decided to finally poop. And it was a big one. This was one she held in for 7 days. I don’t think I need to share anything else about that. I flagged the flight attendant, but she was held to the rules… cannot unbuckle until safe. I was fine with it. Samantha was kid #2, so I had smelled bad poop. But I felt for the passengers around us.

After a few painfully smelly moments, I was granted access to the bathroom.

A smooth trip home after….until she met her brother for the first time. More about that later.


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