The book – an update

Today I FINALLY got some good news with my book publishing project. I got the contract, signed instantly, revised the manuscript and submitted for review in February. I got the typeset manuscript to review today. 8 months later. Check out this title page…


I do think that Talk needs to be in all caps (TALK) since TALK is the problem solving strategy in the program. But page 2 indicates copyright info and says 2016… complete with a ISBN #. This is really official.


I spent most of the day working on edits. Hurricane Matthew came to NC over the weekend, so my official work obligations were lighter today since most people in Moore Co are still without power. Hard to think about Girl Scouting when roads are flooded and no power.

I also spent some time editing curriculum materials for Girl Scouts. Hello…. I have done this for free for a long time…. and now it could be a part of my actual paying job? Woo hoo.

Realizations from today – I am a super nerd that can sit and write and edit for long periods.

My back (already not in a good place from our last camping trip) does not like my academic focus.

Thankfully I have a good chiropractor to help with these old lady work and camping issues.

Life is good for me on Wild Azalea Lane. Check back soon for more updates.



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