our weekend getaway

Aidan and I headed out for our mom and son getaway Saturday morning. Our adventure started as soon as we arrived at the Marina at 1pm. It was closed, and the gates were locked. I called the guy we rented from, and he was surprised by the new hours (we learned later that the hours changed Saturday…. lucky us). We were told how to get around the fence and get the key to open the Marina fence. Aidan, my sweet rule abiding child, was reluctant to go around the fence…. that was breaking and entering. We could get arrested or shot! I told him to follow me. We climbed up a hill, through the woods to retrieve the gate key.

By the time we got back to the fence, the neighbors of our renter were back and helped us get in and even helped us get our groceries to the dock and explained how to use the houseboat potty.

By the time we got unpacked and started fishing, it was all worth it. Special time with this guy.


We talked about the most recent dance and funny stories from when he and Samantha were little. It was amazing.

We caught a lot of these (a Spot).


One of these (a Large Mouth Bass).


And one of these (a Catfish).


I caught the little Spot fish. Aidan caught the good ones. His face while bringing in that Catfish was priceless.

Check out our houseboat. It took us a while to get used to the movement of the boat when other boats would go by.

Sunday morning was more fun, starting with an amazing sunrise and kayaking.



Some amazing memories were made. I am so glad Aidan suggested a one on one trip with me. I know I will remember it forever.


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