the chicken massacre

One of our chickens has started leaving the fenced off area we designated as their area. We have been trying really hard to police Smooch getting off the deck to go in their area, so it was not a help that this one chicken decided to roam the whole back yard. Tonight I put roaming chicken back in her area and let Smooch out to pee. I thought the gate was secured, but apparently Smooch opened the gate while we were watching TV and found roaming chicken.

After “playing” with her, she brought the chicken to the back door…almost, but not all the way, dead. Sigh. This time I had to do the humane kill. All I will say is thankfully we had a sharp axe.

I went to put the other chickens up and found the other 2 dead in the designated area. So in mere minutes, Smooch killed all of our chickens. Sigh.

Fast forward to this morning. I went out to the chicken coop to find only one dead chicken, walking around clucking like normal was Godzilla. Apparently she was playing dead in corner of the fence. That and the fact that she is black probably faked Smooch out.

I very quickly made the decision that we needed to rehome Godzilla. That chicken has survived Chatham Co coyotes and Smooch, but policing Smooch and her love of chicken toys is just too much.

I posted on Facebook, and Samantha’s preschool teacher offered to take Godzilla. Whew. And wouldn’t you know it that chicken popped out an egg like she has done every single day since Jan of 2o13 despite almost being killed last night.

So, farewell Godzilla. I hope your new home has less excitement and lots of places for you to free range and enjoy life. You were a good chicken.


And, I am DONE with animals and farm life. Having to kill a pet was just too much for me. No more animals in the Shimpi family… and I really mean it this time.


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