a little forced family fun

So Rahul can be a little like Clark Griswold in his efforts to institute what the other family members affectionately call “forced family fun.” Samantha and Rahul are more natural extroverts, so doing things out of their comfort zone is FUN. Aidan and I would rather hang out at home and not try new things. But Rahul was insistent that we were hanging out as a family this Sunday, and we were going to see the magical transformation of the leaves in our mountains. It is a beautiful thing, but you have to drive almost 3 hrs each way to see this beautifulness.

As always, I am glad we listened to Clark. Aidan I would probably be hermits without him. Check out the pics from our forced family fun 😉


Please note the dog with the cool shades was only photographed for his coolness. Remember… no more animals at our house.

Happy fall y’all. It is here!

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