jury duty fail

So, I got a jury duty summons earlier this month. Unlike most people, I was SUPER excited. I got hooked on true crime podcasts with Serial, Undisclosed and Truth and Justice….

I could keep going… really, I could. Learning how the criminal justice system works against people of a certain color, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status is fascinating and terrifying.

These podcasts are a way for me to learn while commuting, cleaning the house, or just any routine activity. My family just groans when they see my 1990’s headphones in my ears when I do not respond to their questions.


Don’t even think about judging me for these headphones. Those fancy iPhone ear buds do NOT stay in my ears. These nice, over the head ones DO. And I pair them with a nice fanny pack if I am not wearing pants with pockets. Y’all it is important to be entertained while working on mundane tasks like sweeping, cleaning out chicken coop, etc.

But I got the bad news when I called after 5:30pm today. I am not needed tomorrow for jury duty. Dang. And I had a new notepad ready to take copious notes. No one was going to get wrongfully convicted on my watch! I even practiced my “objection, your honor!” with a friend….oops, that is not what jurors say, right? They say things like “we the jury find the defendant ___________ (fill in guilty or innocent).”

I knew what this most likely meant, though. The defendant took a plea deal to avoid a trial. This apparently happens a lot with public defenders who often meet their client for the first time when this deal is offered. Not exactly optimal for the client or lawyer.

Now while I was disappointed about not getting a chance to serve, I did have some concerns about serving. What to do about work. This is a busy time in the world of Girl Scouts. I visualized me sitting all day in the jury booth then coming home and working all night to stay caught up. And what about my book edits? I need to get this book published before the end of 2016. Here were my some of my imaginary comments to the judge –

“Hi, I REALLY want to do my civic duty, but super busy with work right now. Things will slow down in July and August, so feel free to reach out again then if you have a super exciting murder trial you need help with.”   or   “Did you know, I am publishing my FIRST book this year and do not have any extra time right now.”

Now my sweet husband, who knows me so well, said that I would NEVER be selected. Using phrases like prosecutorial misconduct, Brady violations, etc would get me dismissed ASAP. But maybe I will get a chance next time. Until then, I will keep fighting the good fight being on the Truth and Justice Army and listening to all things true crime.



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