Halloween Party 2016

Rahul has been on call the past 2 Halloweens, so this year we decided to do it up right with a big PARTY. Grown ups and kids in costume. Super fun.


I was a  Girl Scout, Samantha was Alice, Aidan was a creepy Panda, and Rahul was a Brooklyn Hipster.

For those not familiar with what a hipster is, here is a guide to identify one.

The funniest part of the party was our bathroom. We obviously do not shut the door when no one else is around because when you do, you become trapped inside the bathroom. One friend after getting trapped, decided to use the other downstairs bathroom, and her husband decided to play a trick on her.


Super fun times for sure.

PS – Aidan wore his Panda costume to school today and tried to convince his Advisor that he would not be distracted by his costume…. sigh.


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