you know your kid is healthy when….

…the 3rd year medical student comes in to do her physical exam. Of course we were fine with this plan. Everyone has to learn, right? Here are some highlights of the visit.

Samantha on the exam table: So what kind of doctor do you want to be?

Student: I am thinking of something in neurology.

Samantha: Huh, so you like the brain?

Student: Wow, yes I do.

Samantha: I want to be a surgeon, but not pediatrics.

Student: Really, why surgery?

Samantha: Well, I like to help people, but I also like to cut things.

Awkward pause.

Student: any history of heart or lung problems? (To me).

Samantha: I have a heart murmur, but it is not a big deal. We have had it checked out.

Probably the easiest patient this newbie will see his entire 3rd year rotation.

Then it was time for shots…. yes plural. Samantha was giddy with excitement at the idea of getting 4 – flu, HPV (yes that starts at age 11), Tetanus, and Meningitis.


Ask the girl to swallow a tic tac size pill and she will freak out, but multiple needles in both arms she sits smiling. I just do not get it.

This parenting gig…. never a dull moment.


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