November 2016

I have not been able to stop thinking about our country and the direction we are heading, which feels so backwards. Both of my kids have friends who are openly gay. What will happen to them with this new administration? One of Samantha’s friends is already making plans to move in with relatives because her family is undocumented and will be leaving our country in January. How different would this girl’s life be if a different president were elected? There have already been sightings of radical conservative groups rallying in North Carolina. This all just makes my heart hurt.

As I wrote on Wednesday, I made my kids go to school. I felt very grateful that this day was the time they had their scheduled meeting for worship. I heard there were some great discussions from adults and students at this meeting. How amazing they had this forum to speak and process the events of Nov 8th.

On the way home from school, Aidan wanted to rip down a Trump sign on the side of the road. I used this as an opportunity to talk to him about breaking the cycle of hate, and the only way to do that is to hold Donald Trump “in the light” like Quakers do when they want to keep a person close to their heart. I think of it as the Quaker way of saying we are praying for you. We have to accept everyone, even those we disagree with. Aidan is not ready to do that now, but it is something to work towards.

Tonight I had my area meeting with troop leaders in Moore County. One of the leaders had posted the following statement from an organization called No Labels on social media, so I decided to share it and build on it as it relates to our work with girls.

For some of us this week was a time to celebrate. For some of us it was a time to cry. But for everyone, our future must be one of action.

 Though the election is over, America remains divided. We have the responsibility to start bringing us back together.

 So I have a small task for you. It has been said that “… it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

 I grew up a child of the Civil Rights movement, with a grandfather who marched and led in the 1950s. We wanted the same thing every American wants.

 An opportunity. To go to school. To work. To be full participants in the political process.

 No Labels will be working to ensure an inclusive process that includes input from citizens and leaders across the political spectrum. That is the only way to forge sustainable solutions and heal the wounds in this divided nation.

 But first, I ask you to join me in setting a new tone after this tough election. Let’s light that candle and remind ourselves that we are always Americans first.

 -Lisa Borders, No Labels Vice-Chair and President of the WNBA

I added the following…

As leaders of girls with Girl Scouts, we are charged with teaching Love. The next generation can break the cycle of Hate. After all, it is a part of the Girl Scout Law – “to make the world a better place.” Let’s be the positive role models our girls need us to be!


I am trying so hard to be positive. I honestly do not know what else to do. I see people posting on social media comments with such hate and ask myself how that is going to make anything better. Wanting Trump to fail means we want our country to fail. Does anyone really want that?

I come back to my Lindsey Buckingham quote from My Little Demon… I have referenced this quote many times in my life, but it seems fitting here as well.

I think its important to remember that no one falls into a simple set of labels, and its even more important, I think, to learn from your mistakes and to fight for the positive choice.

So, I will keep fighting for that positive choice. Even when it is hard.


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