braces :-(

Samantha got braces this week. Because her bottom teeth are all in the wrong places, she needed top and bottom braces… and will have to wear them for 2 years.


She was miserable last night. Could not eat and in lots of pain. And of course she would not wear the mouth guard for her basketball game (they are not cool and no one wears them even though the orthodontist says to). Sigh.

I tried to be sympathetic, but it is not like we had a choice. This was not the conversation at our dinner table…. “you know, the orthodontist said Samantha really did not need braces but we could finance $5500 just to torture her for fun.” She was missing a bottom baby tooth, so her permanent teeth came in places they never should have been. Hopefully this pain is short lived, or until the first 6 week appt where they tighten the wire. Hormones and braces…. God help us.

For now, it is lots of Tylenol and soup…. and tears. Maybe she will be able to thank us when she has a perfect smile for high school…. we can only hope.


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