Girl Scouts fun!

Today was my last official day of work, but as Rahul reminds me daily after watching me work for the last 6 months… folks who work for Girl Scouts are ALWAYS working. He half jokingly says that unless he is on call, I hands down work more hours than he does each week.

But guess what? I love it. Ok, not all of it. There is adult drama, but I have learned how to be a good problem solver over the years… and I can even solve problems that should not be problems at all. Go me??

Today I got to do what I LOVE to do… reach and teach girls. I got to hang out with all the K, 1st, and 2nd grade girls at a local school in Moore Co. 50 girls per grade, which meant I took my helper Samantha who is already on holiday break.

We played how to be a good friend Hot Potato, but my favorite part of the mini lesson was the book reading of Stephanie’s Ponytail. It has such a great message… be true to who you are regardless of what people say about you. Here is Samantha a few years ago as Stephanie.


Today I selected a girl from each group to be Stephanie. And to my surprise, each group recited the repeating line unprompted – “it’s my ponytail, and I like it.”

For folks not familiar with the story, Stephanie wears her hair in different types of ponytails. Her friends laugh at her and call her ugly, but then copy her. I cannot think of a better way to teach girls to be true to themselves and not give in to peer pressure. A lot of girls mentioned that if someone makes fun of you, it means they are jealous. So true, but how to deal with that…. not so easy.

I also taught the girls the Girl Scout Promise and asked what they thought it meant to be a Girl Scout. Here are some of the comments –

  • help others
  • camp
  • sell cookies
  • hunt (hmm….)
  • have fun
  • earn badges
  • do crafts
  • be a good friend (hands down my favorite, of course)

What a great way to end my official work week. Feeling grateful for meaningful work, but also eager to unplug with the family for the holidays.


After unplugging, I am ready to get back at it. #investingirlschangetheworld


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