snorkeling fun

So, this happened yesterday….


We found a family friendly company that would be nice to newbies. I had my underwater camera ready to go, but quickly learned that breathing would take some getting used to. Fun fact? Women are nose breathers and men are mouth breathers (generally speaking), so I had to remind myself to breathe every time I put my face in the water.

We saw some awesome fish, and Rahul used the camera provided by our captain, so I am hoping we get some good pics from that camera in a few days. To prove how bad my pics were, I have included this one.


The highlight of the trip was snorkeling around an abandoned boat. Our captain told us to dive down and check out the right hand side of the boat. Samantha and I were game.


Neither of us found anything…. thank goodness. Guess who lives there but was out hunting while we visited? A 5ft nurse shark!!! Harmless to us, but I am pretty sure I would have had a heart attack if I had seen him next to that boat.

Lots of beautiful birds and fun times with my family.

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