Home and time to cleanse the body

We are home. Super fun trip, but feeling it today. Lots and lots of food. Good food, but so much of it. This after my return to the full time working world 6 mos ago where I developed some less than good food choices being busy and on the road without a lot of time to plan for meal choices.

But vacation is over, and I have a good feel for what my job requires in terms of scheduling, so it is time to get back on track… AND STAY THERE.

5 years ago I made a commitment to being healthy, and I did it. I got stronger and leaner.


I only lasted a year with healthy eating, but continued to strength train. Exercise has never been the problem. I am consistent about working out 3 times a week. And this summer I added in a weekly run with my best running friend.

But I am committed to getting back to a healthy eating place. My plan –

  1. Kick start with a month of breakfast and lunch shakes, coupled with good protein snacks.
  2. Paleo dinners.
  3. More water…. lots and lots of water. Even when I am on the road.
  4. Less alcohol.
  5. More steps. Goal: 10,000 a day.
  6. More work outs. Adding another day with my trainer.

I am starting tomorrow, which gives me exactly one month to assess this plan before my 44th birthday. Here’s hoping for good results!


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