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New immigration world

Trump’s new immigration rules have created a great deal of anxiety among the parents of internationally adopted children. You may ask why? Well, when we adopted in 2004 and 2005 we were told that our children were considered US citizens when they set foot on American soil. They both have passports, final adoption decrees, social security cards. We did not take the extra step to get them a Certificate of Citizenship.

Fast forward to today. Now we need that Certificate. In some cases, it is the only proof that our children are in fact US Citizens. They might need this certificate for employment, scholarships, etc. Rahul and I were both naive to think that the passport was the only thing they needed. Neither of us had any idea that non US citizens on occasion can be given a US passport. Thankfully we have a friend who is also an international adoption attorney. She gave us great advice, and I immediately downloaded this document for Aidan.


Apparently Samantha was supposed to get this document automatically, but we will have to apply for Aidan’s. The fees are double now, $1200. But anything I can do to help our kiddos have every opportunity possible has no cost value. We will make it happen. What a sad world we live in.


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What a day!

Yesterday was my birthday and Rahul and I’s 14th wedding anniversary. For folks who have not been around that long on my blog, we eloped on my 30th birthday. We had been engaged for a while and finally just made it official. Best decision I have ever made. We celebrated with 411 take out and binge watched our new favorite TV show This Is Us. That my friends is perfection.

In other news, no one yelled at me about cookies with my job. During Girl Scout cookie season, that is a major feat. I had NO IDEA going into my first cookie season how ugly grown ups would be about cookies. I seriously thought that a little reminder about the Girl Scout Law would be all the adult volunteers would need to be on their best behavior for the girls.


Bahahaha. At least I will be prepared for next year.

I did my monthly check in with the publishing company… it is a SLOW process I am learning. I should have final edits for Let’s TALK in a few weeks. Fingers crossed we can get moving on the final stages of this book. During our chat, the publisher mentioned that his company is taking over an online school that went bankrupt due to IRS regulations. He asked if I would be interested in adding content for the school. I immediately thought of my dissertation – an academic support skills curriculum for adolescents with ADHD. He was intrigued and asked what I had done with the curriculum. He was shocked when I said it was just sitting in our attic. He literally screamed “get it out… we will publish it!” I immediately headed to the attic and contacted my supervising psychologist who was second author. So, it appears it is time to dust this giant manuscript off and get to editing.


A good day, huh? 2017 – 44 years wise, 14 years of marriage and potentially 2 publications.

Happy, happy me.


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Goodbye Big Gulp

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to the Big Gulp. She was 14 years old with many, many miles. My heart was heavy since there were also many, many memories made with her. Some of the service guys were talking about buying her and doing DIY repairs, so fingers crossed she will live on.


The back story. My car started making strange noises again. Just a few months ago we had big, scary repairs. This time we decided to do an assessment and decide if it was worth keeping her.  I was able to drive around in a 2104 Lexus version of my car while my car was being assessed. I have to admit that it was fun to be able to listen to podcasts via the car stereo (vs a cassette tape adapter). I knew exactly how much gas was in the tank (without having to guess), and most importantly we would get from point A to point B.

We did some negotiating, and I ended up coming home with that 2014 version of my car. It was a good fit. New, but not too new. But with SO many new features. Cars from 2003 are VERY different than those of 2014.

So here is the newest member of the car family. Still unnamed.


Cheers to new memories and safe travels!


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Women’s March in Raleigh

Samantha has really been struggling with the Trump election. Difficulty sleeping, posting on social media about her fears, etc. I have been just ignoring the news and sticking my head in the sand because whenever I did watch the news, I could literally feel my blood pressure rising. I decided we needed to take action to try and make this situation better for us.

There were Women’s Marches all over the world today. I looked into going to DC, but all the bus trips were booked with LONG waiting lists. I despise the drive to DC on a regular day, so I could not even consider driving when 500,000 others were also making that drive. So we decided to participate in our home state. In a way, this seemed better with the passing of the HB2 law last year.

So this morning, I woke up early and headed to get Samantha and her friend Julia from the post middle school dance sleepover. Imagine my surprise when I got pulled over by a police car. I was not speeding, so super confused.


Apparently there is a new law that requires motorists to move all the way to the left lane if a police officer has a car pulled over. Now, I did slow down and moved to the center of the lanes, but I faced a $450 fine for not going all the way to the left. The police officer said the law had been “all over the news lately,” but I blurted out that I did not watch the news because it was too depressing. This gave him a good chuckle and when he learned I was heading to the Women’s March, he gave me a warning and said to tell others about the new law and have fun at the March. Whew.

The march was AMAZING. Super upbeat, peaceful, positive. I am so glad we went. The girls were marching and chanting… and most importantly, we ALL felt better about the current state of things.

Check out some pics of our special day.




And I cannot end this post without Tuna. We marched by Tuna’s home this morning. People started chanting “Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!” The smiles and happiness that this downtown Raleigh cat caused helped restore my faith in humanity and our country. Whenever I feel sad during the next 4 years, I am going to chant “Tuna, Tuna, Tuna,” and I know I will smile. #womenmobilizenc


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casting call

So, I saw a casting call posted on Facebook. Here was the post: Wanted – large dog and small child. 3 free digital images for participating. I messaged the photographer and said that I had the large dog and a semi-small child. I also sent the picture from our 2014 holiday card. He was sold.

Our appt was yesterday. Samantha was a bit nervous about Smooch’s behavior, so we went armed with LOTS of treats. I tried to assure her that he obviously takes pics of dogs all the time, so he could handle Smooch. But, in my head I was thinking… it is our special Smooch.

Here is my favorite pic.


For the rest of the super cute pics, click here. Dogs… so high maintenance, but they bring so much love and laughter into your family.


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old school videos

I have been digging around in our attics lately. Here are some of my finds.

Me in a gymnastics recital circa 1989.

This is probably why I need chiropractic care in my 40s.

And then this beauty from 1983. I sound SO Southern. Friends say I sound like Jodi Foster from Silence of the Lambs.

Good God. My only comfort is that I obviously was a liberal before my college days.

Happy viewing,


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We ended up getting about 4 inches of snow yesterday… on top of a few inches of ice… and the temperatures are going to be in single digits the next few nights. So I am guessing we are home at least until Wednesday of next week.

Yesterday I worked on some projects. First up – Aidan’s room. That kid (I mean, teenager) still had Thomas trains in his room. And millions of Lego pieces everywhere. It felt good to get it cleaned up and organized. I promised not to throw anything away… just relocated items to the attic that were no longer in use.

Next up the guest room. This room has been in need of an upgrade for a while. The quilt that was on the bed was torn in various places, the pillows were flat and old, etc. And the walls were a bit bare. Check out the before and after pics.



The dolls were mine when I was a kid. Poor Raggedy Ann was carried by her foot, hence the dirty face.


I love the warm colors, the pop of red with the extra blanket, and the window mirror.

My project for today?  Finding Aidan’s RC gear cover that I mistook for a Lego piece. Ugh.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 4.44.22 PM.png

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