Women’s March in Raleigh

Samantha has really been struggling with the Trump election. Difficulty sleeping, posting on social media about her fears, etc. I have been just ignoring the news and sticking my head in the sand because whenever I did watch the news, I could literally feel my blood pressure rising. I decided we needed to take action to try and make this situation better for us.

There were Women’s Marches all over the world today. I looked into going to DC, but all the bus trips were booked with LONG waiting lists. I despise the drive to DC on a regular day, so I could not even consider driving when 500,000 others were also making that drive. So we decided to participate in our home state. In a way, this seemed better with the passing of the HB2 law last year.

So this morning, I woke up early and headed to get Samantha and her friend Julia from the post middle school dance sleepover. Imagine my surprise when I got pulled over by a police car. I was not speeding, so super confused.


Apparently there is a new law that requires motorists to move all the way to the left lane if a police officer has a car pulled over. Now, I did slow down and moved to the center of the lanes, but I faced a $450 fine for not going all the way to the left. The police officer said the law had been “all over the news lately,” but I blurted out that I did not watch the news because it was too depressing. This gave him a good chuckle and when he learned I was heading to the Women’s March, he gave me a warning and said to tell others about the new law and have fun at the March. Whew.

The march was AMAZING. Super upbeat, peaceful, positive. I am so glad we went. The girls were marching and chanting… and most importantly, we ALL felt better about the current state of things.

Check out some pics of our special day.




And I cannot end this post without Tuna. We marched by Tuna’s home this morning. People started chanting “Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!” The smiles and happiness that this downtown Raleigh cat caused helped restore my faith in humanity and our country. Whenever I feel sad during the next 4 years, I am going to chant “Tuna, Tuna, Tuna,” and I know I will smile. #womenmobilizenc


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