Goodbye Big Gulp

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to the Big Gulp. She was 14 years old with many, many miles. My heart was heavy since there were also many, many memories made with her. Some of the service guys were talking about buying her and doing DIY repairs, so fingers crossed she will live on.


The back story. My car started making strange noises again. Just a few months ago we had big, scary repairs. This time we decided to do an assessment and decide if it was worth keeping her.  I was able to drive around in a 2104 Lexus version of my car while my car was being assessed. I have to admit that it was fun to be able to listen to podcasts via the car stereo (vs a cassette tape adapter). I knew exactly how much gas was in the tank (without having to guess), and most importantly we would get from point A to point B.

We did some negotiating, and I ended up coming home with that 2014 version of my car. It was a good fit. New, but not too new. But with SO many new features. Cars from 2003 are VERY different than those of 2014.

So here is the newest member of the car family. Still unnamed.


Cheers to new memories and safe travels!


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