What a day!

Yesterday was my birthday and Rahul and I’s 14th wedding anniversary. For folks who have not been around that long on my blog, we eloped on my 30th birthday. We had been engaged for a while and finally just made it official. Best decision I have ever made. We celebrated with 411 take out and binge watched our new favorite TV show This Is Us. That my friends is perfection.

In other news, no one yelled at me about cookies with my job. During Girl Scout cookie season, that is a major feat. I had NO IDEA going into my first cookie season how ugly grown ups would be about cookies. I seriously thought that a little reminder about the Girl Scout Law would be all the adult volunteers would need to be on their best behavior for the girls.


Bahahaha. At least I will be prepared for next year.

I did my monthly check in with the publishing company… it is a SLOW process I am learning. I should have final edits for Let’s TALK in a few weeks. Fingers crossed we can get moving on the final stages of this book. During our chat, the publisher mentioned that his company is taking over an online school that went bankrupt due to IRS regulations. He asked if I would be interested in adding content for the school. I immediately thought of my dissertation – an academic support skills curriculum for adolescents with ADHD. He was intrigued and asked what I had done with the curriculum. He was shocked when I said it was just sitting in our attic. He literally screamed “get it out… we will publish it!” I immediately headed to the attic and contacted my supervising psychologist who was second author. So, it appears it is time to dust this giant manuscript off and get to editing.


A good day, huh? 2017 – 44 years wise, 14 years of marriage and potentially 2 publications.

Happy, happy me.


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